Hopefully not the last of what was a magnificent Autumn day

For some it was their first run and there were definitely a few hardened veterans blowing up early as the frenetic pace kicked in. A slight puff of wind favored the top end and that wasn’t anything to do with the warmup methods pregame.

The Cats were winning all of the hit-outs but sharp work by Moose, Adam and Stix ensured that the Cats were hitting the scoreboard with repeat entries inside 50. Shorty was having a day out up forward seemingly on the end of most forays forward and his accurate kicking almost sealed the game in the first stanza.

The Cockies managed a couple of majors with Geoff and Arch finishing some good work up the field by Marbles who’s running was hampered by a sore shoulder and sore legs.

One could have thought that the teams changed guernseys at half time as the Cockies who were badly overrun in the first responded and were full of running with Locko leading the charge hitting targets whilst Brett was setting up Sharkey and Merv who were setting up coast to coast plays resulting in goals. The Cockies intensity had lifted, man on man in the centre and the scoreboard was reflecting this as goals to BG and Jock undid the deficit. Defending solidly was Petey T who saved the Cockies with well timed interceptions ably assisted by Wicko who was playing the sole winger from any side. At half time there was only possibly a goal or 2 in it.

The 3rd quarter started with the Marsh father and son rookie draftees getting amongst it, Luke the younger version very flashy with a Port Adelaide style mullet flowing in the puff of wind. The Cats reasserted themselves on the game with hard hitting defenders Sheeno, Little Gezza and Wraggs laying plenty of pressure and tackles and drying up the Cockies run and little Moose (calf) creating opportunities and plenty of dash up forward.

Onlooker come full forward Ian was proving a presence in the square for the Cockies and could have snagged a couple if Sheeno wasn’t wearing him like a glove but the Cockies just couldn't convert up forward.

Shorty added another 2 or 3 to take his tally to 6 as Gaters and Tim added pressure around the ball, Lethal with some strong tackles resulting in plenty of footy inside 50 and a strong mark by Blue 30m out. Another metre and Blue almost kicks the sealer but gallant defence by Squirts and Rowan cleared the area. 4 goals in it at 3/4 time.

The pace seemed to have gone out of the game in the last, stand on the mark seemed to be the status quo all around the ground. The Cats had won the day and all that was left to do was for Gaz to blow the whistle on what seemed a mercy ruling given the last quarter seemed to go only 7 mins. But the sun was still shining and Marbles did his best work for the day unleashing the refreshments