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Fantastic weather... fantastic footy!

Here’s to report that Saturday’s carnival went off very well indeed, despite a cruel and capricious wind making the big Duntroon ovals even more tundra-like than usual, and the footballers bestriding them look ever so slightly ridiculous. Only ever so slightly, though. Many thanks to the menagerie—ACT Cockies, Weston Creek Mildcats, Sydney Wombats, Staff College Honeybadgers— and of course the mature-aged humanoids from ANU for turning out and making the day work so well. Congrats too to the undefeated ANU emeriti for taking out the cup, lead by the ageless, tireless Tuanny who had his best game face on the whole day. Racked up plenty.

Big thanks also to official coach BG for setting up the day basically; umpire Gazza, who was aided by BG and Mal, who squeezed in sessions with the whistle with some game time. Al McHaffie ran the bureaucratic gauntlet to book the facilities—no small task—and made sure the ovals/steppes were newly marked. Impromptu coach Jock kept the Cockies in check, Nato kept time and score, and the committee kept the hordes fed and watered.

Anyways, onwards and upwards. The club has exciting things planned for this season—a mini four-team, three-round comp in July, August and September played on Friday nights at Footy Park. Teams involved are Cockies, ANU, Weston Creek and a fourth team (tbc, but plans are afoot). It’s the Canberra Heart, Mind and Soul Cup, the brainchild of BG, building on ideas raised a couple of years ago, and inspired by the work of Bowie and Manny to set up the Weston Creakers mob.

Check out the proposal we put to an appreciative AFL Canberra, who’ve committed to back it with logistics (scheduling and rego mainly) and comms (TV and print) support, including a firm but not concrete schedule, and lock it in your diaries. Then turn your hearts, minds and souls to the Perth carnival, which is shaping up to be a big 'un too. Stay tuned for more on that very soon.

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