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Sunny day, sunny football

AFL Master Legends Firstly, looking ahead to next weeks game against the Murray Crays, in trying to get a few more numbers to attend the game in Albury, the Cockies Committee has decreed that the bus will be subsidised and that the cost will now be $30 per person. Let's put that into perspective. For the sum total of $80, you get transport to Albury, you get a game of football against a good team, and a nights accommodation for the princely sum of $80. Numbers are slowly building and we now have 18 players going. It would be fantastic to get some more blokes in attendance so that we can have a bench and get some rotations going as it will be a hotly contested game in Albury. In regards to today’s game, there is no doubting that we had a great day out, even if we may have come up just a tad short on the score board in the end. Our effort and endeavour throughout four quarters of tough and hard football was certainly a pleasure to watch. After kicking the first goal of the game with ball movement out of the middle that was reminiscent of the Fab Four at Brisbane Lions back in the early 2000’s, we certainly let the ADFA boys know we would be no push over. After that we probably chased tail a bit for the next 10 mins as ADFA flexed there muscles and got more run off half back that Jason Johannison ever got at the Dogs! Despite all this, we still managed to get the ball forward enough to at least be in the game at 1/4 time. With alarm bells ringing due to ADFA having a slight Zephyr at their backs, there was no doubting our intensity around the contest. With both Kyro and Tuanny winning the majority of the contested ball around the ruck, and Sharky running hard for a ruck-man and getting plenty of ball, we certainly held the ADFA team to nil all draw in the second quarter. There were certainly plenty of contributors in the second quarter, but the play of the day had to be when Robbie took a mark out side on the wing in a one on one contest and then took off like Rowen. With a little bit of zing in his step, he then hit a nice little lead with a well weighted kick. It was sublime stuff from the youngest bloke on our roster! The third quarter saw plenty of intensity from the Cockies, however we probably let ourselves down a it in front of goal. Rowen started the quarter a tad groggy after a pretty heavy tackle, but he was able to come back onto the ground later in the day, so hopefully he will be right for next week. We certainly got a few sausage rolls on the board in the third, and I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Griffo may have even got on the board for the first time in 20 years with a sneaky little soccer that got the ball over the line. Despite our work rate, we missed a few opportunities to build a nice handy lead going into 3/4 time and the score board was probably all tied up. The last quarter saw ADFA finish strongly, but we certainly were not disgraced. While we battled hard, we were just ran out of energy and the ADFA team were just a little to fit (young) for us in the end. We certainly had some solid four quarter contributors, with Tuanny getting the nod as BOG from ADFA, and Kyro, who was an absolute ball magnet at the ruck contests and battled hard all day, was deemed BOG for the Cockies. Other notable contributors were Moose who got plenty of the footy and battled hard all day. Both the rucking options, Sharky and Andy, battled hard in ruck contest all day and certainly gave their all around the ground. BG certainly provided a marking option up forward and Adam Campbell certainly won plenty of contested all across half back. Jas, playing his first game for the Cockies, continually battle hard to win the footy and is certainly a welcome addition to the club. See you all at training on Wednesday, and if there is a slight chance you’ll be available for Albury, let us know, and lets give the Murray Crays a red hot game next week. Cheers Zarse

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