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First Game Against Defence Honeybadgers

Todays hit our was as expected a very tough one. The usual pattern vs the Defence team came to fruition as they blitzed us with the aid of a strong wind in the first qtr. Their fitness - youth - and substitutions of a good bunch of sub 30 year olds (yeah that’s what i reckon) in their team made it hard for us older boys to keep pace and put any meaningful footy together. However - from the 2nd Qtr onward we did that - we dug in and were alot more competitive - and put a score on the board. In fact the remainder of the game was well contested by us lot. Given they kicked 7 goals in the first Qtr - we did really well to hold them to another 6 goals for the rest of the game. And as the target was set for the last Qtr - to try and kick 2 goals to finish off - we did it to double our score to 4 Goals for the game - a few extra points as well. So a tough one lads. I won’t mention individual efforts - it was one of those days where against adversity we pulled together as a team and had a crack - well done lads. Back to you Zarse, Cheers, Subbo Coach for the Day, Jock

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