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2019 Pambula Easter Carnival

Fellow Masters Legends As you all know, the ACT Cockies Masters team ventured to Pambula on Easter Saturday to take part in the annual Buccaneers Carnival in Pambula. While the carnival was definitely a success from our point of view, the carnival lacked organisational participants and footballing participants from a few of the clubs, most notably Illawarra and the Buccaneers them selves. Regardless, the first game on the Saturday morning was against a tough opponent from Mornington Raiders. As always the game was played at a quick pace with the Cockies just having their noses in front after the first half. despite having more of the ball and the majority of the scoring opportunities, the Cockies were only a goal up at the half break. The back-line was impenetrable and Big Jock was setting the platform for big day in the ruck. The second half was a bit more open and the Cockies asserted their authority with a few quick goals to open up an unassailable lead. Locko ran himself into the ground and Big Tiger (Kevy T) was resolute in defence. Our second game was against the Buccaneers, who were down a bit n numbers. Despite this, a team full of footballers was able to be mustered by the Buccaneers, but they were no match for the team form the ACT. Shorty struggled a bit in front of goal, but in a promising sign, he got plenty of the ball. Stainers provided plenty of outside run and Adam started to get his hands on the ball. BG also managed to clunk a few big grabs and get that big engine of his motoring along against the boys from Pambula. Cockies managed to run out pretty convincing winners in this game. Our last game for the day was against Frankston and it saw us start a little sluggish, which is to be expected at this stage of the day. After giving up the first two goals for the half, we managed to get going and kicked the next three to be in front at the halftime break. The second half was a hard fought tussle, with the strong efforts from Brayden ensuring that the ball got down to Shorty to do some damage on the score board. With less that two minutes to play, it looked like we had the game wrapped up only for Frankston to slot a late one and make it competitive. A quick entry into their forward line from the centre break earned them another goal to finish the game. While still confident we had the bickies, the final result was deemed a draw, or so they reckon, Jock was pretty sure we were still up at the end, but at the end of the day, footy was the winner. Player of the day for the Cockies went to Jock, who provided plenty of contested ruck work and run around the ground. He was able supported by Brayden up forward, Tige down back, with notable mentions to Locko who ran all day, Adam who was always involved, Stainer providing run out wide and Shorty kicking two goals worth of points for the day. We have a game against the Murray Crays this Saturday at Eastlake’s Kingston Oval, so if you cant play make sure you get down to support, and if you can play and have nominated, can you make sure you have filled out a registration form. We also need rego to be paid for the season as well, so if your intending to play a game, please get your money in so we can get you covered in case of injury. If you haven't nominated yet by Team App, then please do so, or if you just want to e-mail me then let me know via that medium as well. A text to 0425863440 will also be accepted. See you at training tonight, Zarse

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