2019 ACT Mini-Carnival

A pretty good day out today. The scholars (ANU) had the edge in probably all facets of the game —(near) youthfulness definitely—but played with style and a great attitude. The NSW combined may have lacked for near-youth (just like the us) but strung together some very nice footy, as we did under the leadership of coach Zarse and speedy skipper RobE. Anyways, just wanted to put some gratitude out there. Many thanks to: - the NSW crew for making the trip south, especially to Undies, Schafe, the irrepressible Sol and (extemporary timekeeper, chef, and barkeep) Andrina - the ANU undergrads for playing the game in good spirit and to their house master, the latest Benedict Arnold, Squirter - Mal for enduring the Defence grounds booking lack-of-system to secure the oval against all invaders, and for recruiting the umps who did quite nicely (can’t go overboard, just doesn’t feel right) - and everyone else who chopped out on the day, whether cooking snags, running water, keeping the bench organised, etc. No training next week, but there is a strategy session at the Stirling Labor Club on Thursday, where we can also marvel at the Pies ripping the Tigers apart. See you then. Gaters