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2018 Illawarra Mini-Carnival

We had a huge turnout totalling ten players (yes that is supposed to sound sarcastic) for the Illawarra Carnival.

Probably the only place it was actually raining on the day was at the ground we were playing at. But lucky for us by the time our game was on it had stopped, the sun was out, the ground wasn’t too bad - probably due to previous drought like conditions, and it was fairly comfortable to play in, slight breeze across the ground.

So we mustered up the usual suspects to pitch in and help the ACT Cockies.

Our first game was against…..ummmmm ………………….Illawarra/Rocks.

Obviously inspired by the Melbourne victory the night before, Roger and Robbie were playing inspired football - to the point that Roger got B.O.G for our team for the carnival.

He got out into sneaky space early on in the pocket, and before anyone knew what was going on, Rog had taken marks, ran on and kicked a couple. Then he no sooner had another mark, ran into an open goal, and in a frenzied like state booted one off the side of his boot to score a minor!!! He could easily have had three, but ended up with 2.2 plus a goal assist to Shorty plus dishing off to others - well done Rog.

Like his bretheren, Robbie had the ball on a string, collecting plenty, and driving forward from the wing and forward flank.

Harps also had another blinder of a day in the ruck - dominating against all who opposed him in both games, and runnning all over the ground like the youthful bloke he is.

Irish was on fire - with his new learned kicking skill, he ran, chased, hassled and marked. Cuzzo and Luke provided some nice clearances from the centre, running all day. Thanks for running water Harper.

Reliable Hoef was down back taking the usual amount of marks, and hoovering up the defensive scraps, and running marathons as usual. Speaking of marathons, B.G’s fitness was clearly evident from his recent cross country outings - no one could keep up with him so he just kept getting, 1sts, 2nds, 3rds, 4ths etc and then some. Shorty got his usual haul at full forward, making sure any accurate passes from us or missed chances by the defence were capitalised on.

So we ended up winnning that game…dunno the score.

Then we played a Masters team we had never previously encountered - the Cronulla blokes. And a fine bunch they were. Again with the additional suspects who helped us out we managed to win that one as well!

Then about half the team left, we were down to 4 players and decided that was enough, said our thanks to all and drove home. So quite a good effort for the 10 who played…undefeated fro the games we played at least!!

The carnvial was played in excellent Masters like manner - the blokes from the other teams were great. Andrina and Sol were excellent hosts as always. Apparently we came second and may have won it if we had played a third game. Hunter seemed to be the winners in the end. Well done Rog for BOG for ACT. Until next year…..maybe we will scrounge 11 or more ;) next year.



p.s Im sure all are aware that the end of the season is nearing rapidly. Especially for those going to the carnival it would be good to see plenty of blokes turn up to training for the next few weeks to get that oh so neccessary fitness needed at the carnival. See you tomorrow night.

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