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The Murray-Crays

Sorry lads, work has very inconsiderately intruded, and the usual space to mull over bon mots has been colonised by NPP, ASL, FTE, ETC, ETC. The pube's lot indeed.

Anyways, leadership and spills seem to be au courant, to flog a deceased forty-toothed, graminivorous quadruped, so let's go with that.

Anyways, the generally youngish and skilful Crays beat us pretty solidly, but we played well, perhaps not consistently enough, and poor disposal did let us down. Again...


Bowie: coach coach and on-field coach with old school ideas like man-on-man, and hands-off-the-deck. Played a ripper as a central back; launched two barrels from the goal square to the centre Hail to the bus drivers: Mal and Charles got us there and—here's where the Dutto factor comes in—back, Mal with a quiz (that the possibly still addled Midtards aced) and Bish with fancy driving to avoid a moron merging like it was not onto the Hume but the Tuggers Parkway (a lost northsider for sure). Bish did some fancy manoeuvring in the ruck, too.

Moose: BOG, clean up man around contests, lots of run, great disposal skills (kicking mainly) Zarse; was good, was prolific, was vocal

Chynna: kicked all our goals, at least make that three. Good hands and positioning up forward

Cuzzo: ran everywhere, especially for the many balls the Crays lobbed up into his zone Rob E: the enforcer. Hard as nails, plenty contested ball

Marbs: ran his guts out, never stopped tackling, chasing, talking Rob Kelly: mobile key forward, presented to good spots, nice hands

T-Bone: did run despite the allegations; everywhere in fact. Our 6'6" link man, nice skills, too. Not a bad run after a long spell

Paulo: the relentless niggler. Great tank, always at the ball, in the contest

Spills (a few on lush and huge Wodonga Dogs' oval, a few more at the Blazing Bush/Saddle/Stump rubbity)

Moose: BOG, clean up man around contests, lots of run, great disposal skills (Bourbon mainly) Zarse; was prolific, was vocal

Marbs: never stopped talking

Dicko: pithy, incisive, 110% justified, and definitely not PC

Thanks to the Murray Crays for playing the game in great spirit , for the esky of icy beers, and the delicious, huge spread at the pub.

We definitely should make this an annual encounter, although the pressure is on to reciprocate. Thank goodness for the Stirlo.


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