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Beautiful Canberra day... but low numbers!

I won’t even try to write up a report like Gaters can - just not possible.

Thanks to the lads who turned up for a run today. Sadly we only had a poultry 9.5 players per team!!! Nice sunny day, 12 degrees, slight breeze - oh well hopefully we will get better turn outs for the remaining season.

We just played three thirds - 20 min each third, so those who turned up had a good run and got some good cardio.

Lots of good passages of play by both teams. Lukes tap dancing routine probably play of the day.

Best on ground was by far Mooses young Moose (smaller antlers :) ) - maybe that’s Moju (as in “Moose Junior” ) for short. Yeah that’s pretty funny i s’pose.

As well for the Cats, Mick Marbles Serena continues to throw his body around like a madman. And for the Cockies Dave Gezza G did all the right things - so those three players all got a stubby holder.

Probably most important - thanks to B.G for umpiring who heads off on his mega charity run for Mens Mental health next Wednesday.

We all sent him on his way with best wishes - and make sure you give up a few quids if you can - B.G will let us know the website to go to.

Over and Out - Cheers Sub sub coach Jock

p.s One Wonders why Locko keeps going to Adelaide to see his team get beaten again for less than 10 points for the 6th time this year ;) - yeah there’s a factoid for ya!

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