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Hard fought intra-club match in stunning Canberra winter weather


What an outstanding day, perfect weather and very good player numbers for the first game in July. A day filled with good footy, plenty of laughs, and a few refreshing ales. Had it not been for a couple of no-shows from the TeamApp list we would have had a complete 18 vs.18 game on our hands, but as it was I think we still managed to have 33 or 34 die-hards lacing up their boots. A big thank you goes out to Mal for offering to share the umpiring duties with me, and a special thanks to young Harper Scott for helping out with the water too. I’m not quite sure on the final score but it’s pretty safe to say that the Cockatoos ran out the winners on the day.

Some exceptional efforts were on display from the likes of Luke Scott, who seemed to just roam around as he pleased collecting a stack of possessions, and finished off in front of goals nicely too. Adam Campbell was back to his brilliant best collecting centre clearance after centre clearance. Paul Ryan absolutely blanketed anyone who dared to compete in his territory, and Eric Bowman easily played his best game for the season by putting on a fine display of Australian Rules across the paddock, in multiple positions. Other memorable mentions include, Stephen Staines, Andrew Harper, Steve Miller, Brad Templeton, and Stu Girvan.

As for the Player of the Week awards, yesterday’s recipients were Darren “Ports” Porter for the Cats and “Irish” Brian for the Cockatoos.

All in all, the game was played in good spirits, with some very good passages of play, dominated by possession style footy for the first 3 quarters. With some more composure with the ball in hand, kicking with purpose to a target, and understanding that sometimes the best option is not always in front of you, our game style should keep on improving. Unsurprisingly, in the 4th quarter, as the fatigue kicked in, the skills dropped away which highlights the need to get some much needed fitness and run into ourselves. So do yourself a favour and make the effort to get to training each Wednesday. Stirling Oval is well protected and is never as cold as you may think.



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