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The Bold and the Cold

For starters i would like to thank everyone who supported the club yesterday by turning up to play. Having 18 a side was absolutely brilliant and i think everyone totally enjoyed the game.

Surely it was one of the coldest days we have played in for a fair while - maybe 7-8 degrees. Probably the most remarkable thing about this was the abscence of Al Merrit who usually thrives in such conditions - but he was nowhere to be seen! See you soon Al ;).

Although at one stage the sun came out for a while and the temp. went up a good 3 degrees for sure - sizzling!

Thanks to the Umpires in Peg leg Locko who’s range has moderately improved, Bowie part time player ump, and Gaz - yes i’ll tazer you if you give me back chat - if only he did!!

The game was played in pretty good spirits and i want to make special mention of 2 things i observed which made an impression. Gezza went to tackle Lethal when he was bent over the ball - and took appropriate care in not wiping him out as he could have easily done this, and also in a similar situation, Bowie laid a “nice” tackle on Robbie E. and didn’t drive him to the ground as he could well have done - great stuff guys - this is how we look after each other.

I would say the scoreline was fairly even but the Cats probably had a bit more Nufty value in some apparent simple choices in the game - no worries - thats why its Masters.

B.O.G for both teams was Peter “Mudman” Bougherts for the Cockies, and continuing his brownlow medal form, was Harps for the Cats. Both received their deserved stubby holders.

Lads keep up the good work and it would be great if we can get another good turnout for the next Intraclub game in 2 weeks. B.G is in the process of booking grounds for the rest of the year - and a reminder - as per our on line vote - games will start at 2p.m - unless otherwise specified.


Sub Coach Jock

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