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Game 3, 2018

Good evening team,

Firstly thank you to those that battled hard in the elements yesterday, was a tough day for footy and made a few of us miss the comforts of Gungahlin ;)

Yesterday we didn't keep score or track goal kickers, so if you slotted one please shoot me an email/text or tell me Wednesday, once I have that data and have received the Pambula scores I'll send out an updated goal kickers list, *SPOILER* Im pretty confidant Shorty is leading.

It felt like the Cats got the win yesterday giving them a lead of 3-0 on the year. Robbie Edwards set the tone early with several solid tackles and clean hands around the contest, In my short tenure with the Cockies yesterday was the best game I've seen Robbie play. Robbie managed to find plenty of dangerous space at will, with Shorty more often than not finishing off Robbie's great work. Shorty was the most dangerous forward on the field, his presence and vision ensured of a Cats score every time the ball touched his golden left foot. Jock was dominant at CHF providing a regular mobile target for the hard running Adam and McDaddy who provided attacking rebound all game.

In contention for BOG was Marbles, a concussed marbles was the dominate midfielder of the day, finding plenty of pill, involved in multiple clearances but it was his pressure acts that stood out, catching the coach three times holding the ball. Like Robbie a break out game for Marbles.

A special mention goes to Darren who is starting to find his feet and yesterday his running and positioning was rewarded by getting his hands on the ball. Welcome back Jacko, not doing anything for several months and than rucking all game was a fantastic effort.

Cats best. Robbie E, Marbles, Adam, Shorty and Jock

For the Cockies, it was a difficult day with the main difference between the two teams was the Cockies choosing to kick long. The Cockies were well served by the engine room with steve winning majority of taps giving Sticks and Stones (Is that the nickname you wanted Marbles?) first look at a clearance.

The cockies looked very dangerous when sticks was able to win the contested ball and fire a sharp handball to Pebbles running in a straight line. Gaters and Gazza were very creative a cross half forward with Billy taking a few bruising pack marks in the goal square, noting he did drop an open chest mark in the goal square, although he did assure me dropping the chest mark allowed him to soccer it off the ground which was the high percentage play. lol

Moose was fantastic off the back of the square, provided plenty of link up play and hit a target with most possessions, definitely made the conditions look easy. Brendan and Al fought hard in the backline with both taking the game on at every opportunity. Big Gezza was a strong presence at CHB who battled hard with Jock and took several clean contested marks and laid several crucial tackles.

Cockies best. Moose, Steve, Stix, Big Gezza and Pebbles

What I liked:

Centre work - was fantastic hearing the talk around the centre bounce, both sides set up and had a plan to clear the ball. was great to watch.

backlines - both backlines backed themselves and took the game on.

Talk - Was plenty of talk from the baklines calling for guys to fill a space or double back.

Tackling/pressure - for a 14 vs 14 game there is rarely contact but guys dug deep and put in the hard yards, most possessions were earnt yesterday.

Thought process - guys were actively looking to think through situations which lead to the right choice being made

Adam off half back

Dicko's body work in one on one battles

Squirts relentless leading

Brett's reading of the play and always looking to switch

Marbles tackling on me

What we will continue to work on:

Shorter kicks - we need to lower our eyes and hit up the shorter targets to an open teammate rather than kick longer to a contest.

handball - due to the open space we opted to kick more this resulted in some runners getting burnt,

Kicking in after a point - we need to wait to everyone as gathered at CHB before kicking in

Centre clearances - Yesterday's talk was so good we will look to run some set plays out of the middle

Confidence in front of goal - once in range every player is green lighted to have a shot (unless a clear better option exists)

Special thanks to Rob and Bernie for umpiring, was great having you guys out there with us and you both umpired a consistent fair game.

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