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Day 1, 2018 Pambula Easter Carnival

Fantastic review Jock, and fantastic effort boys. Sounds like everyone dug deep and made a real day of it.

I think WOOWWWWW sums up the weekend, very happy with the performance of everyone over the weekend. Everyone contributed and found plenty of ball.

For me there were many stand outs across the ground. I really liked how Tuanny and Adam were able to feed off each other across half back, rebounding hard with creativity and precision.

Paul was dominate in the ruck, his body work and tap work were the best I’ve seen this year giving our dominate due Manny and pick up Stix first look at the ball. Both guys were definitely the engine room this weekend.

Shorty presented well all weekend and was able to work extremely well with Jock and Locko, Jock added some mongrel to his game which made him almost undefendable, I hope to see this side back in Canberra.

Squirts, Marbles and Ang all presented and found many dangerous spots to get to, this more often then not allowed the Cockies to kick at goal.

Zarse and Bowie added the polish and I don’t think they missed a target all day.

Was great watching everyone play their role and enjoy each other’s onfield success, we showed great signs of team work. I was very impressed.

Special mention to Gaters, for achieving play of the day on both days.

On Saturday Gaters took a great mark out in front, he had a two on one in our favour down the line or a lateral link up handball instead he opted to confuse him self as he approached the man on the mark and dropped the ball cold lol.

Jock covered his handy work on the Sunday on the prior email.

Narrowly missing out was Marbles, Marbles starting in the fwd pocket was the on the receiving end of a A+ centre clearance. Marbles led his opponent to the ball, 30m out back to goal Marbles could give the hands to the Ang who was steaming past like puffing billy or could snap it over his shoulder for a goal of the day contender. However Marbles forgot which way we were kicking and opted for a booming kick out of the 50 towards the boundary, the cream on top was the opposition calling for a deliberate free kick only to be squashed by the umpire who stated that is a skill error not deliberate haha

But all serious, I hope Locko, Ads and Paul recover well and thank you to everyone for a fantastic day/weekend of footy.

Blue has the weekends goal kickers and I’ll update our leader board once he sends the details.

Remember, this Wednesday we return home to our Mother Land, Stirling. This will be celebrated with a team Parma and pot after training at the club next door so make an effort to get down for a kick and a team feed.


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