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Round 1, 2018

Hello All,

Firstly, well done to all the guys that turned up on Sunday during church hours for a kick in the heat, I believe there are many burnt sore bodies this week.

Congratulations to Cats who come home with the chocolates, a estimation would be a 4-5 goal victory. The Cats jumped the Cockies in the first quarter with the remaining three quarters being an even arm wrestle.

Both sides executed multiple excellent passages of play through out the day, showing that when we look to switch and zone we are a very slick side.

The Cats backline were well lead by new boy Darren in the back half, Darren's chat, guidance and run set up multiple scoring thrusts from the back half. Another new boy in Lindsey had the difficult task of manning up Chief and he handled it well, Although Chief kicked a couple of goals Lindsey was great at bringing the ball to ground either with a fist or dropped chest mark ;). Al continued his stellar summer form with some precise running and short passing out of the back half.

The Cats midfield had to much stamina and run for the Cockies with best on ground Scotty running the lines all day and using the ball to a high standard. Tempo aka Clayton Oliver would of racked up close to 40 handballs and arguably layed tackle of the day on a full flight Tuanny. Noting Gaters and Manny teamed up well to stake a claim their claim for tackle of the day........

Jock set the standard early up forward, wound the clock back and was on the end of some very good midfield work. Shorty worked well as Jock's Robin with both looking very dangerous every time the ball went forward.

For the Cockies Mal and Cuzo dominated in the backline. Mal grew into his role at CHB by structuring team mates around him with quality chat and was very effective with ball in hand. Cuzo was given the QB role from the start of the game and excelled, providing multiple runs from the back pocket that resulted in scores. Special mention to Benny who was played as a utility and managed to win majority of his contests regardless of the opposition, even managed o ruffle a former coaches feathers with some good hard nosed football........

The Cockies midfield fought hard but didn't have the wheels to go with the young cats. Harps dominated in the Ruck earning him Cockies BOG. Manny got hands to most taps and was able to propel the cockies forward. Tuanny battled hard. The Cockies fwd line adopted the opposite of pagens paddock and looked to crowd the goal square, this seemed to work as Chief and Ang netted two a piece, Robbie Edwards was fantastic in the pocket, was able to find plenty of ball up the ground and floated back into scoring range as required.

With that very brief poor overview the standard of football on display was very high.

We showed that if we lower our eyes and play a short kicking game,everyone touches the ball and we look a million dollars, but when we try to kick long the ball gets picked off, even if the zone isn't properly established.

Points to maintain for the season:

  • Talk - Sunday would be close to the best chat I've heard at a masters game.

  • Kicking in from FB. Both sides waited until there team was set up and then bought the ball into play, this allowed slick systematic ball movement - was great to watch.

  • Chirp/banter - I love a bit of stick on the field, shows me guys are in the moment and care about the game. Just be mindful it doesn't turn into an argument. But maintain the level from Sunday, was good.

Points to remember/work on for the season:

  • Doesn't matter how tired you are,you have to set the switch. Just because you go out wide doesn't mean the ball is coming to you. It is better for the team if you to keel over on the boundary than next to the kicker. Reason being, your opponent will go with you so it inevitably opens the field thus providing space for team mates to move into.

  • I don't want to hear anymore talk about forwards not moving, ask your self, if the forwards weren't moving why did you still kick the ball to them? if they are not in a position to receive the ball don't kick it to them, a short kick backwards retaining possession is better than kicking it in to a contest and watching it get run out. I was guilty of kicking to the hot spot that was manned by a swarm of opposition players - my apologies, I will be better next time.

  • You may be in a position to take the game on but that doesn't mean the rest of the team are in position to help, be mindful of what is happening around you.

  • More short kicks to open up one two opportunities.

  • Less kicking of the coaches big rough melon!!

We had several unfortunate injuries on the weekend, Skuta, Kev, Nato and Jezza I wish you all a speedy recovery and remember just cause you're injured doesn't mean you cant still get around the boys.

If you kicked a goal, please email me so I can track the goal kickers for the year.

Yearly total - Cats 1 vs Cockies 0

Yearly BOGs: Harps & Scotty.

Big thankyou to Lance for umpiring, hope to see you again and to Blue and kids/teenagers for the BBQ and refreshments

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