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National Carnival 2017

As this was my first carnival I had an absolute ball and can completely understand why people find these carnivals addictive. Not only a great social week, but (as a foot tragic) it was great to just dedicate a whole week to playing, talking and watching footy. From a personal perspective I'm frustrated with my teams results and my performance, even though I got a few kicks and as a team we played some good footy there is so much I want to do different next time. But overall just a bloody awesome week and as has been the case the last few years, the ACT has got results well above its weight and showed the larger "football states" that we know how to play.

I assume someone else who is more literate than me will give everyone a full report, however here is the Luke Scott highlights!


ACT 3.5.23 v SA 10.4.64

ACT 2.9.21 v Qld 3.8.26

ACT 2.5.17 v Vic Country 8.5.53

Finished 4th. Got better as the week went along and we learnt how to gel and play as a team. Disappointing to not win a game, especially seeming Queensland won the Division and we really should have beaten them after being ahead at 3/4 time. But still had heaps of fun and played some really hard, competitive footy. Highlights were two games on Simonds and Plattys goal. The NSW guys who played with us were a great addition and definitely welcome back next year.

All Australians - Platty & Pearl


ACT 11.9.75 v Qld 1.0.6

ACT 10.7.67 v NSW 5.3.33

ACT 8.4.52 v Vic Metro 6.3.39

National Champions!!!!!

Played some really great footy and the cohesion of guys who have played many years of footy together really showed. Highlights (excluding the win) were beating Vic Metro after being behind at 3/4 time. Bish's mark in game 1. Tuany busting up his wrist in game 1, then putting himself in the centre when the game had to be won in game 3. Killer tall forwards in Tony, Stu and Jock. Locko kicking the final and sealing goal of the Carnival as one of his final acts as Coach. Alison Hoeff did an outstanding job as Team Manager. It was great to have Skuta back in an ACT strip and aptly assisted by Tony and Dario.

B&F for Division - BIsh

All Australians - Bowie, Tony, BIsh and Coach Locko

55s NSW (inc. Blue, Leigh, Macca, Billy and Hoeff)

NSW 3.5.23 v NT 4.2.26

NSW 4.7.31 v Vic Metro 4.2.26

NSW 1.0.6 v Presidents 0.0.0

National Champions!!!!

Unfortunately I never got to see these guys play. However great to see them receive their medals on Simonds and hear exploits of Blues goal and Leigh teaching the young guys a lesson in endurance football.

60s NSW (inc. Leigh, Billy, Bodsy, Rob, Petet T and Bluey Heanan)

NSW 6.7.43 v Vic Metro (2) 1.0.6

NSW 1.2.8 v Vic Metro 12.8.80

NSW 2.2.14 v Vic Country 4.7.31

Finished 5th. Definite highlight was the win over Vic Metro in game 1. I only got to watch their last game, however the class of the ACT players was evident all over the ground, especially when they would could move the ball from full back to full forward with only ACT players touching the ball. Enjoyed seeing Petey T playing as Rover.

All Australian - Leigh*

*Not bad for a bloke who played 9 games over the week - wrapped for him to be rewarded with AA honours.

Womens Presidents

Presidents 3.3.21 v SA 4.6.30

Presidents 4.3.27 v SA 5.3.33

Presidents 1.5.11 v Vic Country 3.5.23

Finished 4th but by all accounts had a great time. Pam lead this team with style and definitely added a degree of pizazz not exhibited by the means teams (Stainer excluded). All the women's games I watched were bloody tough and hard.

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