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Intra-Club Game #4

A victoire magnifique for the globalists on the weekend, as they smashed/pushed/capitulated* to the parochialists, (nationalists, if you’re being kind) with expansive, open, dare I say, progressive play.

On a fast, wide and empty Stirling track, the golden oldies opened up a big break on the blancs in the first quarter thanks mainly to a howling gale, a fleet footed midfield, and full forward Jock towelling up coach Locko, who hadn’t quite thought out his match ups. Come the change, wind-assists, and a dose of the fumbles running through the golden staphies brought the cockies back into it, with experienced hands Bods and Crusty putting on a clinic around goals alongside new bloods Salts and Stoney. Lockers at centre forward/ruck presented well with soft hands and hard eyes.

After half time the game settled into a bit of an arm wrestle as fatigue and the dropsies took toll. Still, the shine really did come off the gold, whose mental disintegration was best demonstrated by the sight of four manning up Rog at a centre bounce. Crusty had a good one, yes, but really? The blancs midfield seemed to have a fair bit more of it, too, especially Stainer, and Locho, who’d drifted out to the wide open unmatched spaces of the wing, and with a late burst from Bowie, Stoney and Tuanny may have got over the line, but maybe not*.


Gold: non stop Chynna and Dave in the guts, Jacko in the ruck, Shorts, no-kick-outs Dicko, Luke and new starter Brad off half back, and big up front targets Taimus and Jock. Skute bobbed up from the GC and added class, sure hands and that killer last touch around the 50 metre arc.

Blancs: Closing speed Adam, perpetual motion Stainer, pocket plugger Bods who really did have the match up caper worked out, lurking Crusty, nicely wheeled Cav, big and imposing Stoney and uber dependable Lockers.


To umps Locko, Ben and BG, beverages manager Marbles, who ran water and then sold his wares with conviction, and finally to all that contributed to BG’s cause, raising the tidy sum of $250.

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