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2017 ACT Mini-Carnival - Cockies vs Wombats

Your ‘Webmaster of Disaster’ could only make the last two matches of the day, against the McArthur Wombats and Australian Defence Staff College. Notwithstanding, one can only assume the terrific form of Mick, Stix, Stainers, Jocko, Adam and Bowie carried over from earlier in the day!With Canberra’s late Autumn weather one for the ages (mild temperature, azure blue sky and no wind), and a carpet green oval suppled by RMC Duntroon (a BIG thank you!), the scene was set for some exciting ‘footy for fun’. Against a Wombats team, supplemented by still fresh ACT players, the Cockies again demonstrated some fast flowing - mostly accurate(!) - footy. A real pleasure to watch. In the few times the ball did get past Wombats’ half-forward line, Dave “Jezza” Geremia showed calmness of leadership to take on a forward almost twice his height and just about win every time. The centre team, led by Tony won most of the ball from the first bounce, sending it up forward again, and again. However, it was a day of inaccurate kicking as I think the final score might have been 6 goals, 1000 points to 2 goals, 2 behinds to the Wombats. Special mention must go to Lockers, Bowie, Mick and Jock for their contribution for the full 40 minutes. Well done.

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