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2017 ACT Mini-Carnival - Cockies vs Honeybadgers

Against the ADF Staff College, Jock (dashing on the wing), Adam (great mark forward), Manny, Ox, Cav, Mick ,Tony, etc, etc, all had significant contributions. Again, age and brains won the day, against some pretty fit young fellas. Thankfully the Brit, the Webmaster matched up against played field hockey and rugby union; today was his first ever AFL game! So 3 handballs and a kick for the day it was... Noice! Still, the Honeybadgers had some great players amongst them so it was lucky that the Cockies were reasonably accurate up front kicking another bagful of goals. Macca (once he changed sides from the Wombats), got amongst it and Sam took a couple of solid marks up front. Ox and Cav combined nicely on a couple of occasions and Mick kick a couple of majors. Gators didn’t stop, being a commanding presence up forward and Bowie picked up his usual bag and a half of marks and kicks. As always, a special mention must go to the back line - very well led by Dave. Jacko had another great game, Jeffro was tireless and Dicko talked!

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