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The Club and Personal Injury Insurance

Recommendation to have private health insurance


AFL Masters Carnival | Latest News | by Andrew Nielsen


Wednesday 5th September 2018

It is important to remind all players that the National AFL Masters Insurance Policy only covers players for Public Liability cover and does not cover players for personal injury insurance - unless their own local club or state association has taken out separate cover for personal injury cover (e.g. ACT has got injury cover for all its players as part of the regular season fees).

This message is to remind all players that they are not covered for personal injury .... and if they wish to be covered then they need to seek separate cover from other sources. We highly recommend that all players have personal health insurance cover.

NOTE: AFL Masters ACT has taken out a BRONZE level of personal insurance cover with JLT Australia insurance brokers. For details of this policy, please read here. Your annual registration fee covers the cost of the Club's BRONZE insurance policy.


Make sure you also have ambulance cover.  Transport to hospital in an ambulance is not cheap and is the player's responsibility.

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